A Christmas Tree Miracle

March 12, 2017 - Comment
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shesallnatural says:

A perfect family movie for ALL ages that doesn’t suck This is not an academy award winner-it’s not an epic film that has an insane amount of special effects– it’s a “feel-good” family movie for the holiday season. And that’s enough. It’s actually more than enough because there are not enough of those types of films that are actually entertaining and engaging enough for the entire family to watch. My almost-spoiled 12 year old watched this movie with me and got the message. Kids need this message. It’s a dose of reality without being dark…

Sherry Douglas says:

This movie came into our lives at a good time, 3 weeks before Christmas This movie came into our lives at a good time, 3 weeks before Christmas. My 12 year old grandson, influenced by the culture in which we live, was beginning to display a materialistic “me” mentality much like the teenagers in the story. Sure it was just a story but it reminded us that there is another side to reality that we had become rather blind to. We recognized ourselves in some of the attitudes portrayed and had some good talks about it. Anything that puts you on the road to…

Alexsanudra says:

I love the season of Christmas I love the season of Christmas. It is the only season where you can give and not too many complain. Those that do do not understand the season of Christmas. “A Christmas Tree Miracle” teaches everyone about “Christmas”. No it does not mention “Christ” or the birth of Him.The Holy Family struggle….the Family does struggle in this movie and it will touch your soul because it could very well happen to yourfamily. Enjoy..and let the “Season” begin.

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