Christmas Angel

May 16, 2017 - Comment
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essolunapapa says:

A Personal Blessing This was a totally great feel good story, so much so that I will have to go out and buy more klenex’s. This movie really hit very close to home for me as my wife Trish just passed away a few weeks ago, and just like Nick described his late ex-wife, my wife was the Christmas Angel in our family. I too hope that I will be with her again in the future. Not to tell her I’m sorry, but to tell her over and over again just how much I love her and missed her. My life too has been empty and very…

Leslie Noland says:

Heartwarming and Inspiring I love Christmas movies — every December I spend hours and hours watching Christmas movies thanks to all the cable networks which specialize in running holiday movies. The classics are, of course, great and a few of the “made for TV” movies may well become classics but, of course, most of them are just a pleasant escape, without much substance. This, however, is one of my favorites. 

Stephanie B. Carr says:

Lifts the heart and the spirit Most Christmas movies have a special place in my heart and I have never felt that there were enough good ones. I was attracted to this by the synopsis of the story and the fact that I think Bruce Davison is a terrific actor. 

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