Last Christmas

April 5, 2017 - Comment
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dwall says:

Another triumph First off, I think Peter Capaldi is brilliant as the Doctor and I have enjoyed Jenna Coleman’s overall performance as Clara in her two seasons. I agree with the reviewers, however, who have stated a desire for a new companion. I’m hoping for it to be Faye Marsay, whose Shona shone in the opening sequence of this episode and who would be comic gold next to Capaldi’s Doctor. I’m hoping because in the episode’s sleigh ride epilogue Shona asked is she and Clara could be friends thereafter and…

Happy Reader says:

A Commentary Track To Tell You What You Missed! The Doctor arrives on Clara’s rooftop just after Santa Claus. He’s in a hurry and rushes Clara into the TARDIS, and then says to Santa, “I know what this is. I know what’s happening. And I know what’s at stake.” 

Kid Kyoto says:

Clever, scary, interesting-the best of Season 8 After a disappointing season this special was a real breath of fresh air and showed that the current show runners can still make clever and cool episodes. 

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