Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas In July

November 23, 2015 - Comment


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Randall Cyrenne says:

Great for Rankin-Bass fans I have more to say about it at, but here’s the short of it: It does run a little long, and could have certainly used some editing, but this movie is fun and rates well against the R-B TV specials. Anyone who thinks this movie is too confusing could not have been paying much attention, and I also would not say it’s scary— my 3-year old loved it (of course, it will depend on your own child’s “scare threshhold”). Personally, I enjoyed the “origin” of Rudolph,…

Anonymous says:

rankin-bass all stars reunited If you are a Rankin-Bass fanatic like me, you will want to add this video to your holiday viewing schedule. While it’s not perfect, the enjoyable parts outweigh the flaws. It’s wonderful to see old friends like Rudolph, Frosty, Crystal (along with their two snow children), Big Ben, Jack Frost, and others all reunited. Winterbolt and his crew are without a doub the most scary of all Christmas villains and lend a chilling element to the story that adults will love, but which may be a bit too much…

Phoenician says:

A lovely film indeed! A fan of the Christmas classics as well, I feel that this sequel works quite well with the other films. Is it long? Perhaps. Is it scary? Not really. It does get dramatic just as much as it is cheerful. We get to see the Origin of Rudolph’s Nose as well as Frosty’s Hat. 

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