The Husbands of River Song

April 22, 2017 - Comment
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Cubiclewarrior says:

A must see for Doctor fans! Loved it. I mean, really loved it. Alex Kingston (is AMAZING) and Peter Capaldi had *perfect* chemistry together, and the writing was on point (they had me at ‘hush, mummy and daddy are talking’). It wrapped up River’s story line in a very sweet way, filled in the gaps, and put even newer meaning to the scene in the library with the Vasparada where she tells Tennant that he’s just not *her* Doctor. Of course, before this episode, I figured that meant that Matt Smith was, but now I’m sure…

SnortSnort says:

Whovian question answered. This makes me wish I could see more of them together. I didn’t see Peter and Alex, it was River and the Doctor, and they are fantastic. 

DsrtRosy says:

At last, some chemistry! At last some chemistry between the Doctor and River Song. Capaldi is just the Doctor to pull it off and this is probably the first Christmas Special ever that has had good continuity with the rest of the series. No, the storyline isn’t breathtaking like Blink, and it’s not complex like the new season of two-parters, but it’s satisfying in a way few of the shows have been since Moffat took over as show runner. 

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