The Return of Doctor Mysterio

April 24, 2017 - Comment
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MonsteReader says:

Why are there no Closed Captions?! I thought the story itself was fantastic — to quote an earlier incarnation of the Doctor. And I was pleased to see that there was more depth to Nardole’s character than had appeared in the trailer and preview clips. I also enjoyed the twist on the “Rival Hero to the Doctor!” trope, that we’ve gotten before (“Last Christmas” and “The Next Doctor”) — to be more specific would be Spoilers. 

MadMaxi says:

Great Xmas Show, but again no Closed Captioning Excellent Christmas fun with the Doctor! 

Hortensia says:

Pleasant The lazy writers keep referencing River Song because they can’t think of ways to move the story forward. I love River Song, but they’ve killed her off a few times now and should move on. Or give her her own show. 

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